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Live Life Happy Cafe

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You deserve happiness and joy, and we know how hard it is to navigate someone else's addiction. It is easy to let their needs take priority over your own and as a result we end up depleted and broken at times. 


Were excited to offer our SYKM community members a treasure trove of resources and support in the Live Life Happy Cafe to help you live life happy (er). It's our mission to give you all the tools you need to get your life back, to get YOU back. On this platform, we have hundreds of empowering book summaries, workshop recordings, guided meditations, mini-courses, yoga classes and more for you to enjoy on-demand. Andrea is adding content regularly and hosts monthly LIVE events such as book clubs, group coaching, and informative workshops for our members. 

Please join us and let us help you find the courage to focus on you so you can get your sparkle back!

We are here for you! You are not alone. 

Live Life Happy Cafe Andrea Seydel


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Ongoing SYKM Meet-Ups 
Well-Being Huddles

We host uplifting SYKM Well-being Huddles weekly. Don't hesitate to join any meeting that fits into your schedule. Our meetings are welcoming, non-judgmental, uplifting, and transformative. Come, share, learn, and be inspired by other like-minded individuals—no matter where you are in the world.  
It's your time to shine! 

You do not need to be a Live Life Happy Cafe or SYKM Resilience Course Member to join SYKM meetings. FREE for all. JOIN US!!


Ongoing SYKM Workshops, Webinars and LIVEs

Join one of our LIVE (LIVE INTERACTIVE VIRTUAL EVENTS) webinars, interviews or group coaching that will help you regain your power! We teach the concepts of positive psychology and resiliency to allow our participants to put learning into practice right away. Our LIVEs are confidential and respective of privacy. We record the speaker view and stop recording when interacting. 

We love to put the power in your hands!

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Live Life Happy Book Club

We read books together monthly as a community that are uplifting and empowering. Andrea selects books that are well known in the scientific study of well-being. Our book club is unique as you can show up to the book club whether you have read the book or not. It is an unconventional approach to learning together as a community. Andrea summarizes and highlights key concepts and then coaches the takeaways to put the learning into practice to enhance your well-being.


SYKM Wellness: 
Guided Meditations 

We have uplifting, supportive, on-demand guided meditations available for our Live Life Happy Cafe members. 

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SYKM Wellness:
Guided Yoga Classes

We offer carefully planned out-themed yoga classes geared to supporting your well-being and mental health.

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Join one of our many mini-courses that are sure to help you tap back into your power. We record and add mini-courses regularly. Members can experience the live version of these events or come back and watch the recordings on demand. 

Gain Access and Join The Live Life Happy Cafe

Please find out more about our quarterly SYKM Signature Resilience Program. When you sign up for the resilience course, Live Life Happy Cafe is Included!

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