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Resilience in positive psychology refers to coping with whatever life throws at you. Challenges can knock us down, but we can return as stronger people more steadfast than before. Overcoming a crisis with resiliency is often described as “bouncing back.”

We are committed to helping you through the struggles that often come from loving someone with addiction by gaining personal resources, strength, and other positive capacities of psychological capital like hope, optimism, and self-efficacy so you can struggle well. 

You are not alone.

We are a loving community here for you!


Unique Uplifting Support

SYKM (Saving You Is Killing Me) offers a comprehensive resilience and educational platform uniquely designed for those who love someone with an addiction. Our offerings include a dynamic series of books, a dedicated magazine, an engaging podcast, an innovative TV channel, and a supportive community, all integrated to foster empowerment and well-being. Rooted in the science of positive psychology, SYKM is proven to enhance the lives of its participants through practical applications that drive measurable positive changes. By joining our community, members gain access to empowering tools and resources that help them harness the principles of positive psychology to navigate the complexities of their situations with strength and resilience.

Skills For Life

Skills proved to help:

  • Overcome Adversity

  • Increase Resilience

  • Build Self-Compassion & Awareness

  • Cultivate More Joy and Peace

Positive Coping 

At SYKM (Saving You Is Killing Me), we understand that life's challenges are inevitable, and our community is designed to support you through these times. We provide a safe and nurturing environment where you can forge meaningful human connections and embrace the opportunity to thrive amid struggles. Here, you will find resources and support that empower you to navigate life's adversities with strength and optimism. Join us at SYKM, where you are not alone.

Andrea Seydel

Andrea Seydel is a certified expert in Positive Psychology, dedicated to supporting individuals on their journey to healing. With a robust academic background, she holds a degree in psychology and has pursued advanced training in the Science of Happiness and Positive Psychology. Andrea is a recognized professional certified coach and an applied positive psychology coach, deeply committed to making the principles of resilience widely accessible, especially to those grappling with the challenges of loving someone with an addiction.

As the founder of Live Life Happy Publishing and Consulting, and the creator of the "Saving You Is Killing Me" (SYKM) initiative, Andrea actively transforms theoretical knowledge into practical tools that foster resilience and well-being. She is not only a speaker and podcast host but also a trusted authority on flourishing despite the clouds of addiction. Drawing from personal experience and a comprehensive educational foundation, Andrea offers invaluable insights and guidance, helping individuals navigate and thrive in the face of adversity.

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Empowerment and Resilience:
Navigating the Shadows of Addiction 

Whether you are an individual seeking empowerment, a counselor, a treatment center, or an association, SYKM offers transformative resources to help you reclaim your power or enhance client support. For TV segment producers and associations, Andrea is dedicated to bolstering your initiatives, providing expert insights and support to reach and uplift those affected by the crossfire of addiction.


I'm always eager to connect and help my fellow human struggling with loving someone with an addiction.

Let's connect.


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