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Resilience in positive psychology refers to coping with whatever life throws at you. Challenges can knock us down, but we can return as stronger people more steadfast than before. Overcoming a crisis with resiliency is often described as “bouncing back.”

We are committed to helping you through the struggles that often come from loving someone with addiction by gaining personal resources, strength, and other positive capacities of psychological capital like hope, optimism, and self-efficacy so you can struggle well. 

You are not alone.

We are a loving community here for you!


Unique Uplifting Support

SYKM (Saving You Is Killing Me) is a remarkable resilience educational program, course, support group and community for those who love someone with an addiction that is empowering, based on science and proven to enhance the well-being of its participants. Our participants discover how to apply positive psychology to create measurable positive change in their lives.

Resilience Training

We help those who love someone with an addiction bounce back, take back their power and build fortitude using positive psychology- the scientific study of human flourishing. 

Skills For Life

Skills proved to help:

  • Overcome Adversity

  • Increase Resilience

  • Build Mental Toughness

  • Find more Joy and Peace

Positive Coping 

SYKM is a resilience program and community based on the human capacity to struggle well. Life challenges do and will happen, and we are here to provide a safe environment, human connections, and the opportunity to survive and thrive amongst struggles. 

Andrea Seydel

Andrea is a certified positive psychology practitioner ready to support those on their healing journey,  trained in the science of happiness through professional programs and university studies.  She holds a degree in psychology with post-graduate training in positive psychology.  Andrea is an accredited professional certified coach and an applied positive psychology coach. She is the founder of Live Life Happy Publishing and Consulting and is the SYKM Resilience Program and Community creator.  Andrea makes the tools and concepts of resilience accessible to those struggling with loving someone with an addiction.  She speaks from personal experience and draws on a wealth of knowledge and learning.

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"Life isn't always going to be sunshine, and butterflies-Resilience training is essential." 

Committed to never letting her struggle go to waste, Andrea is determined to support others worldwide who share the devastating path of loving (and, in her case, losing) someone with an addiction. Andrea is the author of the best-selling books Saving You Is Killing Me: Loving Someone with an Addiction, Live Life Happy: One day at a time, and Breaking Up with People-Pleasing.  She is a regular contributor for the Recovery Today magazine and is the head facilitator of the SYKM programs, group coaching and support groups.  She is a proud mother of two and regularly practices yoga, and adores hiking trails with her dogs.


B.A. Psychology, RNCP Registered Nutrition Consulting Practitioner, PPP Positive Psychology Practitioner, CPC Certified Professional Coach, CAPP Certificate In Applied Positive Psychology, CPPC Certified Positive Psychology Coach, ERYT Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher, CNVC Certified Non-Violent Communication Trainer, NLP Practitioner (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Mental Health First Aid & Applied Suicide Intervention Training.


I'm always eager to connect and help my fellow human struggling with loving someone with an addiction.

Let's connect.


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