Andrea Seydel Me First Challenge

Hey There,

I am wrapping you in love and wish we were meeting under different circumstances.

I was there, the lowest on the totem pole, languishing and struggling because of someone else's "problem." My world revolved around figuring out my loved one's addiction, trying to save him and grasping so hard to get our lives back to normal. But, as his addiction worsened, I was pulled into his darkness. I was drowning myself. I lost my sparkle. I was distracted and worried constantly and put on a brave face trying to keep things together. Out of balance, alone, and feeling like I had lost myself, I desperately needed to do something. I couldn't live like that anymore. I had to start picking up the pieces of my broken heart, I needed to restore wellness in my life, and I drastically had to start saving myself.

And so I did!

The first step to taking back my life was the day I decided to put ME FIRST. 

Let me help you get YOU back!

Hugs Andrea


That's the problem with putting addiction first: you've been coming in second!

When enough is enough, and you are ready to put yourself FIRST or at least attempt to prioritize YOURSELF, I created a super fun 30-Day ME FIRST Challenge so you can start to slowly tap back into your power, enjoy our community, and start to transform your well-being.

Are you tired of letting someone else's addiction destroy the person you are meant to be?

JOIN us in this Free ME FIRST 30-Day Challenge!

In The ME FIRST Challenge, you will 

How it's going to work: 


Sign up below to get all the details. links and printables so you can start prioritizing YOU! 


Print up the Me First Calendar. Click the links to watch or listen to the daily Inspirations. 


Follow along and do this challenge LIVE with us for SEPTEMBER or at your own pace. Join anytime.


Share your ME FIRST Journey. Post, document, and inspire as you take back your power!

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