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Loving someone with addiction is terrible, heartbreaking,

and devastatingly sad at times! 

When you love (or have lost) someone with addiction, it is common to slowly lose yourself and become drained from the stress and worry, exhausted from the ups and downs, and confused by the strange behaviours. 


When enough is enough, and you are ready to focus on you, It's time to join

The SYKM Signature Resilience Program. 

I don't want you to struggle alone. And I know I can help you take your power back and restore greater well-being in your life through the remarkable positive psychology resilience course I created. 


I don't want you to spend any more time letting someone else's "problem" of addiction put a wrench in your life and prevent you from being the person you were meant to be.


It's time to put YOU above addiction and prioritize your well-being!

The SYKM Resilience Program is completely focused on your well-being so you can restore your power and get your happiness back. The course is based on the scientific study of positive psychology and offers proven principles to help you face adversity, tap into your strengths, and reconnect with your needs and self-worth. In other words, spend eight empowering weeks with me, and I'll take you on a journey back to YOU!





Are You Ready For Change? 

I am here to help lift you up!

If you feel exhausted, depleted and alone, please don't spend another moment feeling this way. I have your back, and I want nothing more than to support you on your journey back to the vibrant, joyous, powerful person you are meant to be. 
Addiction stole my sparkle and I had to learn how to love myself HARD, dig down deep to rebuild and ask for support when I felt isolated and alone.
I SAVED MYSELF... And you can too. 
Andrea Seydel SYKM

How it Works

When you join The Signature SYKM Resilience Program, you not only gain access to the 8-Week program, but you also become a member of the Live Life Happy Cafe, where you get instant access to the tools you need to start feeling better and take back your life immediately so you can meet any struggle or challenge head-on. 

The SYKM Resilience Course Includes:

BONUS: When you enrol in The SYKM Resilience Course you gain 24/7 access to the private support group as well as the Live Life Happy Cafe, a platform chock full of book summaries, guided meditations, weekly yoga classes, monthly workshops and book clubs, professional interviews with experts, worksheets, mini-courses and everything needed to help support you on your journey to awaken your inner power.

The Course: The Signature SYKM Resilience 8 Module Course with science-backed practical strategies and concepts proven to enhance well-being. Video learning, PDF activities and printable exercises. 

Classes: 8-Weeks of SYKM Recorded Classes with me,  Andrea Seydel. A Positive Psychology Practioner, Resilience Coach and the author, podcast host and founder of Saving You Is Killing Me: Loving Someone with an Addiction.

Start Now

(DIY) Do It Yourself

At your own pace

ONLY $199
Includes a Year of Access to

Resilience Course and

Live Life Happy Cafe

We are the first to offer


A comprehensive resilience program that enables those who love someone with an addiction to thrive using positive psychology.


A supportive uplifting community of individuals bouncing back using positive interventions and the science of human flourishing.



A new approach to typical meetings and recovery programs that are life-enhancing, empowering and optimistic. 

Strategy and ready-to-use models to enhance resilience and well-being in real-time when faced with adversity, life struggles and challenges, 

What to expect 

The SYKM Resilience Course is not only a robust course but it is also a Community and Platform designed to be a super support system to help you build confidence, restore quality of life and help you reclaim your power. All are based on the scientific study of human flourishing. 

In The SYKM Resilience Program, you will learn skills for life:

Skills proved to help:

      Overcome Adversity

      Increase Resilience

      Enhance well-being

      Find More Joy and Peace


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You can start taking back your life immediately with our dynamic, user-friendly learning platform 8-module course model based on the science of positive psychology and resilience.  

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We have hundreds of book summaries, workshop recordings, guided meditations, and yoga classes to enjoy so you can turn up your resilience and get YOU back. 

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We offer ongoing LIVE group coaching, book clubs, community meet-ups, and mini-courses to learn a key concept and feel connected. You don't have to do this alone! 

Louisa Jewell

"The result of many studies shows that positive psychology interventions can be effective in the enhancement of subjective well-being and psychological well-being, as well as in helping to reduce anxiety, worry, and depressive symptoms. The SYKM Resilience program created by Andrea Seydel offers a powerful integration of positive psychology concepts and resilience training for individuals who need support when loving someone with an addiction. Andrea has done a powerful job at bringing tools to those who might be struggling as a result of someone else's addiction. What a powerful and researched backed community Andrea has build to support those who love someone with an addiction."  


 -Louisa Jewell, MAPP Founder of The Canadian Positive Psychology Association. 

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Elaine O'Brien Ph.D.

"Whether it's a child, parent, or spouse, addiction alters the lives of anyone who loves the person. Did you know that through the combination of intentional physical movement and positive psychology, the science of happiness, you can lead a life full of positivity, purpose, vibrant health, mental agility, and joy? Even amongst challenges. The SYKM Resilience program is the first of its kind, offering bounce-back strategies from the field of Positive Psychology that can help individuals with substance abuse problems and the families who love them. I highly recommend this course for your mental well-being and Andrea's uplifting support"  


-Elaine O'Brien Ph.D., MAPP  International Expert in Positive Psychology

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THE SYKM Live Life Happy Cafe

A treasure trove of content live events to help support your flourishing.  

The Live Life Happy Cafe is an interactive, ever-evolving platform filled with a wealth of resources, workshops, expert interviews, LIVE events, book summaries, monthly book clubs, weekly yoga, mini-courses, and so much more. All are exclusively available for LIVE LIFE HAPPY CAFE members.



The Live Life Happy Cafe Yearly Membership is INCLUDED with

The SYKM Signature Resilience Course


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“I was in a dark place, feeling like I was drowning. Thank you, Andrea for providing this rich material and all the loving support for all of us who love someone with an addiction. I honestly was blown away by the valuable and usefulness of this program. It is your love and personal understanding that helped save me. I hear your compassionate voice in my head when I feel knocked down”

— Brenda

Image by Clarisse Meyer

“I honestly felt so alone and broken before joining this community. I felt instantly welcome when joining my first meeting. I walk away every meeting, with usable strategies and a new sense of hope for my life. Everyone in the SYKM community has been so supportive and Andrea has a wealth of knowledge that energizes and supports us. She is an encouraging and compassionate person I now consider a friend"

— Claire

 Prioritize Your Well-being and Live Life Happy


Join me for our next virtual live cohort 8-week journey back to you! Where we embark on a powerful journey to filling your cup, recharging your batteries, and awakening your inner power. I've been where you are and know how challenging it can be. I also know many proven strategies and principles that can help you. My course is incredible and it is everything I needed to remember my strengths, build my self-worth, and feel empowered again. Join me and come together with others who understand your struggles and together we will help you regain your footing, reignite your vitality and help you get back to the person you are meant to be.

Registration is now open for our September Cohort. I cannot wait to be with you and meet you in person (Well, zoom. The next best thing). Let's do you for a bit!

Sendign hugs