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Become a SYKM Resilience Course Facilitator

Do you want to turn pain into purpose?

Do you have a passion for helping others who might be struggling with loving someone with an addiction?

  • Use your knowledge and experience, along with the uplifting SYKM resilience curriculum to make a difference in people's lives. 

  • Discover how to teach and apply the principles of positive psychology and resilience in a professional setting. 

  • Turn pain into purpose with a new career path helping others not only survive but thrive. 

SYKM Resilience Course Facilitator 

Do you wish you could take a course that would really, truly change everything?


Specifically, a class where the instructor made it fun, feel loving and the material changed the way you saw yourself and your life?

We are the SYKM Resilience Program and we teach that course!

Our SYKM Resilience Course is life changing for those who participate. Facilitating the content of this course and seeing the power that the science backed curriculum has on individuals is beyond rewarding. 

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What to expect from this training

Mastery of the SYKM Resilience course and curriculum.

Certification and the rights to use the SYKM branding and content.

Power-Points, Lesson Plans, Master Worksheets, Handouts, and Workbook. 

The SYKM Resilience Course Facilitator training includes full access to the SYKM Resilience course and platform. Access to the train-the-trainer Live meetings to master the content. 

Do you want to do work that matters? At SYKM, we’re growing like crazy, and we’d love for you to be part of that growth. This is an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of other people while discovering your own potential.

Done-for-you content allows you to deliver researched based, scientifically proven effective strategies and practices in a professional manner so you can focus on bringing the knowledge to the people who need it, while growing your business. 

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It's hard to love a person with an addiction. Resilience Training becomes a lifeline!


The SYKM Resilience Course Facilitation Training is for you if; 

  • You are a therapist, life coach, treatment center counsellor, sober coach, interventionist or anyone interested in positive psychology and resilience curriculum designed for those who love someone with an addiction. 

  • You have a passion for helping others and want to make a difference in people's lives. 

  • You want turn key opportunity to knowledge share that is scientifically proven to be effective in training resilience. 

  • You've taken the SYKM Resilience Program, love the powerful content, and want to bring it to your community or treatment center. 

  • You see the huge demand in supporting the loved ones of addicts and feel strongly about spreading the message that you are not alone. 

  • You would like to host SYKM meetings or start facilitating in-person learning.

  • You'd like to join the SYKM team.

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