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"Alone we can do so little; Together we can do so much." 

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SYKM Program

  • Client Access 

  • 38 Recorded Video Modules

  • 8-Week Live Training

  • Group Coaching Calls

  • 8 Exercise Packs

  • Weekly Well-Being Huddles 

Options For Partners:

Unlimited Client Access

Limited Client Access

Referral Profit Share

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Client Access to The SYKM Community

  • Well-Being Huddles

  • Weekly Meet-ups

  • Private Community Group

  • Group Coaching

  • LIVE Events 

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Partner with SYKM for Powerful Promotion and Marketing

Join The SYKM Podcast

  • Top 3% Podcast 60K Downloads

  • Brought to you by Sponsorship

  • Appear as a guest

The SYKM Live Life Happy Magazine Advertising 

  • Quarterly Promotion to 10K+

  • 1/2 Page with Advertorial

  • Full Page with Feature

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Live Life Happy Cafe

Client Access to The SYKM Live Life Happy Cafe Platform

  • Book Clubs

  • Mini-Courses

  • Book Summaries

  • LIVE Events

  • SYKM Wellness

  • Access to past Recorded and Live Events

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Partner with SYKM for LIVE Events​

  • Webinars

  • Speaking

  • Retreats

  • Instructor Training

  • Conferences

  • Media: Radio, Television, Print

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Referral Partner


  • Bulk Orders

  • Resource Listing


  • Group Discounts

  • Private Groups

  • Unlimited Access


  • Newsletter Share

  • Feature to Membership

  • Guest Blog 

  • Podcast Guest

  • Social Share

  • Introductions

We want to partner with YOU!


Our customizable robust WIN-WIN partner programs and options are available for those working in treatment centers, organizations, recovery residences, private intervention, employee assistance programs, therapy, coaching practices, mental health and addiction organizations and Alanon & Naranon Family groups. 


What if there was a way we could provide added support, education, and resilience training for those who love someone with an addiction that would enhance the services we are already providing while supporting those that need it the most? 


What if there was a potential to work together and support more individuals while promoting our services, enhancing our revenue streams and contributing to our program's success? Where we could focus on what we do best and amalgamate to support each other and, ultimately, the individuals that love someone with an addiction. 

There IS a way! Let's work together and discuss the possibilities. 


"Andrea has created a superb platform and program that is nothing like anything out there.We often forget about the loved ones touched by addiction and their need for this type of resilience support. Andrea comes from a place experience and is well educated. Working with Andrea is uplifting energizing, and powerful for my clients " 

— Dr. Rob Kelly Addiction Doctor

"Top-rated treatment centres offer robust family support" - 

— Joanna Conti Scientist Treatment Center Success Rate Research Group

Rob Hannley

Andrea Seydel's SYKM family support program is a fundamental resource to any treatment Centre's recovery approach. Principled in the scientific study of human flourishing, Andrea's SYKM  is a proven program that focuses on the families of addicted loved ones and will undoubtedly contribute to the success of patients' recovery! It is a pleasure working with Andrea as she has a wealth of knowledge and is an excellent asset to the recovery community."

— Rob Hannley Recovery Today Magazine

Let's explore the many exciting ways we can
work together. 

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