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For Those Who Love Someone with an Addiction.


Loving or losing someone due to addiction can feel isolating. But you're not alone.

Welcome to the "Saving You is Killing Me" community. We're here to provide you with uplifting support, resilience training, and tools to empower you on your journey. Dive deep into a pool of self-compassion, self-care, and courage, all while being surrounded by a community that understands.

✓ Real-time resilience and support
✓ Tailored tools and resources for your journey
✓ Engaging Podcast and YouTube channel
✓ Exclusive magazine, programs, and books just for you

Prioritize your well-being. Let us light the path for you, helping you rediscover your joy and strength. Because, together, we shine brighter.

Gain Access to Our Community!

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We're dedicated to supporting beautiful souls like you.

Once you gain access, be sure to bookmark the tab by clicking the star icon. 

Andrea Seydel SYKM

Warm wishes, Andrea Seydel
Founder of SYKM and author of Saving You Is Killing Me: Loving Someone With an Addiction

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