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Andrea Seydel, the visionary behind our transformative courses, is a recognized positive psychology practitioner with a robust foundation in psychology. Beyond her academic credentials, Andrea's expertise is enriched by personal experiences with the profound challenges of addiction. This depth of understanding, combined with her scholarly background, positions her as a trusted guide for those traversing similar challenges. Andrea stands as a pillar of resilience, backed by comprehensive professional training. As the author of "Saving You Is Killing Me: Loving Someone with an Addiction" and "Saving Me One Day at a Time: Finding Light Amidst the Shadows of Addiction," she provides not just insights, but actionable training in resilience and well-being. Across all courses she leads, Andrea is committed to offering clarity, compassion, and essential skills for those navigating the complexities of addiction and seeking a path to personal empowerment and well-being.

Andrea Seydel

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