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SYKM Meetings
Well-Being huddles

SYKM Well-Being Huddles
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Our meetings are non-judgemental, uplifting and empowering opportunities to connect with others affected by someone's addiction. We come together as a community, so you don't feel alone, gain strength, and learn life skills of positive psychology and resilience life skills. 


Our meeting goes above and beyond sharing; we discuss empowering positive intentions and resilience strategies as a support group to help each other bounce back in real-time. 

In the SYKM Meetings, you will: 

  • Gain insights and learn from the experiences of others who have faced similar struggles. 

  • Discover practical ways to cope and build resilience and hope through learning opportunities, group sharing and examples of strength.

  • Confidently connect with a loving, supportive community of people and an SYKM Coach Facilitator. 


Find an SYKM meeting that fits into your schedule.

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Gain insights and learn from the experiences of others who have faced similar struggles.

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Discover practical ways to cope and build resilience through learning opportunities,

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Confidently connect with a loving, supportive community of people and an SYKM Coach Facilitator. 


Do I have to put my camera on? 

Although we are a camera-on meeting, as we like to duplicate in-person connection as much as possible, we do encourage putting your camera on and participating. We respect your privacy at all times and welcome you to show up "stealth" with the camera off until you feel comfortable. You are welcome, regardless of your level of involvement.

Is there a cost to participate in the meetings? 

There is no cost to participate in our SYKM meetings. We accept donations that we use towards scholarships, literature, and book giveaways to those who need added support. 

Do I have to sign up and be a member?

There is no membership fee required. Select a date and time and register. You may feel anxious to attend. Most of our participants felt the same way. But we assure you that our meetings are with people who have experienced or have experienced precisely what you are going through and are very welcoming.

What are the meetings like?

Our 20-minute meetings are interactive and guided by an SYKM Coach Facilitator or SYKM founder Andrea Seydel. You will be Welcomed. Individuals have the option to share "What's good," then you are taken through "Today's Message," a quote, inspiration and uplifting theme for the meeting. Participants can share their own struggles, strengths and opportunities, for moving forward. Each meeting is a reminder of your strength, common humanity and ability to struggle well. We finish by sharing one or two words that describe the takeaway from the meeting. 

How will SYKM meetings help me? 

Many individuals who participate in SYKM Meetings are initially depleted, struggling and despairing, feeling hopeless and alone. Our supportive community is instantly welcoming and supportive and will help you feel less alone in the process. Our meetings are designed to be a ray of sunlight, to provide hope and help you tap into your strength! We come together to learn how to take back your power, tap into your strength and build well-being. 

I am an emotional wreck; what if I cry?

All emotions are a part of being human. We don't pretend that negative emotions don't exist. We embrace them and see this as an opportunity for personal growth in our lovingly supportive community. We have all been there and are here for you. We are here to help you recover and build resilience when you have been affected by someone else's addiction. 

I am no longer with my addicted loved one; can I still come to meetings? 

The primary purpose of the SYKM meetings is to help you take back your power, build yourself back up and bring you a sense of community, regardless of your addicted loved one in (or out of) your life. You can still be with your addicted love, separated, a family member, or have lost someone due to addiction.  

Structure & Conduct 

Meeting Guidelines:

  • We raise people and provide a safe, confidential environment. We all need to feel secure in the knowledge that nothing shared will be revealed. 

  • We withhold giving advice, sharing opinions, and providing unsolicited coaching or therapy.

  • We share personal stories of resilience and strength for inspiration and hope. We are free to take what resonates and leave behind what does not. 

  • We do not focus on the addicted loved one but ourselves and our healing.

  • It is suggested that participants avoid discussing or criticizing the alcoholic or addicted loved one. 

  • We ask that our participants reframe gossip or the revealing of intimate details about their addicted loved one.


Warm Welcome:

Discuss what's good.

What to expect in today's meeting. 


Meeting Theme:

We share the insight, quote and message for today's meeting.


Group Discussion:

We discuss struggles, strategies, and real-time resilience based on a theme.  


Final Take-away:

Share an uplifting take-away and how the meeting has touched us.

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